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EIC & CTC and Residency

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I have a new client (a family) came to me who lawfully immigrated to US on July 4th 2019, and their green card been issued to them on the same day (July 4th 2019). Since July 4th 2019, they have lived in US.

The client has worked and has two W2s.

Now I am not sure:

if they are treated as Full Year Residents or NOT? 

They are 3 people. Husband & Wife with 3 year child.

Can they claim Child Tax Credit?

Can they claim Earned Income Credit for the Child?

How to answer the question that asks ("DID the child live with you for more than half of the year in US during 2019".

Apparently, the family has not lived in US for more than half of the year, they only came to US in July 4th 2019. and the child lived with them entire year, but not entire year in US. 

Can somebody help me answer these questions?  Thank you

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This is a Duplicate and has been asked in the wrong place.  This is a "business" practice section of the community. But the question is a Tax regulation question.


The other place it was asked is here:


And it is Answered there, as well, and that is a Tax product forum, which was the right place to ask it.

Make sure to check your own topic(s) to see that your peers have in fact been helping you.

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