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We all know that updates are crucial to the effectiveness of the program, and willingly do them.  HOWEVER, when we are stressed and we do the update then get the message that you have "You Must Restart" it's like a slap in the face.  WE KNOW we must restart. How about being a little more polite and having a message that goes something like:

"Thank you for completing this update.  Please use the icon on your screen to restart the tax program."

You have know idea how irritating your current message is.  You made us do the update and then it seems as if you are chastising us like we don't understand that we just did an update! 

Status: New
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Level 15

I'd like to be informed that you have to restart the computer after doing an update (for those updates where it's required) before I do the update. If I know ahead of time, I might do the update later when it is more convenient,.

@PeggyCPA93454  I have a lot more things to be irritated about with Lacerte than that message.

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