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Tax Summary to be Export to Excel Spreadsheet

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Tax Summary to be Export to Excel Spreadsheet


The tax summary sheet is a good way to communicate with the client about their return by creating a pdf to share with the client.  However, if this can be exported to an excel spreadsheet versus pdf only, this would be helpful to show some what if scenarios to the client.  This is important with this year tax return for clients that have taken out a coronavirus-related distributions.  With the tax summary exported to an excel spread sheet that is property formatted to be line up in proper columns and rows, what if columns can be added to show the client what to expect for current year and future year affects of either applying 100% during 2020 versus applying 1/3 for the next three years and making sure the client see that there would be no tax withholdings to pay for taxes in year two and three.

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In addition to the tax summary to be able to export to an excel spreadsheet, it would be helpful to have depreciation schedules to be exported to excel spreadsheet as well.

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@bmf1040 - that is a good idea and one that I would support. However, in the interim, have you looked into the Lacerte Tax Planner product for the multi-scenario planning? 

Also, have you looked into the current ability to export depreciation information to excel? Go to, Client > Export > Export Depreciation to file

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