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Debbie T

Why are the number of Status Fields limited?  We would benefit from more status fields, it would be very helpful 🙂

Thank you for the idea and comments. This is "open for voting". 

Status: Open for voting
Vote now if this is a good idea
Level 1

YES.  This has been requested for years now and still no changes have been addressed!  PLEASE CONSIDER ADDING STATUSES.  Our practice management system allows for unlimited statuses which is of NO benefit when Lacerte is limited to 20 statuses.

Level 15

My curiosity again has kicked in.  I don't do Lacerte, but I'm curious what you folks do with status fields that 20 of them doesn't seem to be enough.  How many statuses does a return go through before it is out the door for you?

Level 1

We have the need for many statuses because we have a tiered level of responsibility for returns being processed throughout the firm.  Plus we serve a client base that is older; therefore, still require paper returns to be printed, packaged, delivered!  Could eliminate a lot of steps if everything was paperless but it isn't!

1) Proforma'd (Not Started)

2) Data Received

3) Prep for Scanning

4) Scanning

5) Work in Process

6) Missing Info

7) In Review

😎 Clear Review Points

9) E-Signature

10) Packaging

11) Invoice

12) Delivery

13) EF Pending

14) Ext to Be Prepared

15) Ext Pending

16) Extended

17) Extension Letter

18) Completed

19) Organizer

20) PF to Next Year


We want to add statuses for things like . . . 

1) Electronic Organizer (as opposed to paper Organizer)

2) Did Not Do (for clients that did not return but the return was proforma'd over)

3) Some people use Appointment Scheduled as a status

We quite a backlog of returns so our queue gets filled and we need the statuses to track where staff are at on the various projects assigned to them and where the return is at in the process from start to finish.  So many different hands are "touching" the tax return throughout the process that we need to be able to track what step its at and who has it!  We do use a project tracking system but that correlates back to the statuses we use in Lacerte as well.

Level 15

Thanks for the info!

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for voting

Thank you for the idea and comments. This is "open for voting". 

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