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Separate charge for city sales taxes

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Separate charge for city sales taxes


For two years in a row now, I have received a separate charge for sales tax due to the City of Greeley, that is not listed on my renewal invoice for Lacerte tax software. My office is located outside the city limits of Greeley, Colorado, but my mailing address is Greeley. Since my office is not located within Greeley's sales tax jurisdiction, I do not owe sales tax on software or any other product that is shipped directly to my office. However, I understand that many vendors do not have the capability of determining my exact location for sales tax purposes. The City of Greeley Finance Department will refund to me any sales taxes charged to me for Greeley sales taxes, if I produce documentation of the charge.

My problem is, your charge for Greeley sales tax is not listed on my renewal invoice, and I get no notification from Lacerte or Intuit regarding this separate charge posted to my credit card account. I can verify that the amount of the charge is the correct amount for Greeley sales taxes, but having an invoice or some other documentation from Lacerte would be much more professional and credible.

My account number is 044593. My invoice for software this year (2021 tax year) was $5,369.25, which posted to my credit card on 10/22/21. The separate charge posted three days later (10/25/21) with no documentation was $220.70, which is exactly 4.11% (Greeley's city sales tax rate) times $5,369.25. If Greeley is going to charge sales taxes on software, I believe that you should itemize that on the renewal invoices, so that your Greeley, Colorado clients have full documentation of the cost of their program, and so that clients like me, with Greeley mailing addresses but no nexus in Greeley, can receive refunds from Greeley Finance for Greeley sales taxes charged in error.

Thank you for your time in considering my request.

Cindy C. McRae, Owner

Cindy C. Haszier, CPA, LLC

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This is a user forum. You're might try contacting customer service for help with this.  Other than a moderator or two, there are not many employees running around here. 

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https://tax.colorado.gov/sites/tax/files/02.2021_SUTT_Computer%20Software.pdf says you should not be paying state sales tax, unless you are getting CDs. I would assume the city should follow the same rule, but I don't see anything. 

You posted where we put our wish list for product improvement. You are asking for an improvement in service. Call and talk to them. 

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