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Remove apostrophe from company name for efile; retain it for printed return copies

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Remove apostrophe from company name for efile; retain it for printed return copies


The IRS does not allow apostrophes in the name of a company on corporate returns. 

IRS E-File rules are very specific about the allowable characters. Here is a reference to these rules on the IRS website: 


Currently, LaCerte allows preparers to create new corporate clients with names that include apostrophes, O'Brien for example. However, as entered the name O'Brien will fail the name match made by the IRS software because apostrophes are not allowed. 

The current workaround is to edit the name to OBrian in LaCerte and resubmit. 

However, this changes the name that appears on all printed pages of the LaCerte return from O'Brien to OBrien. This is not acceptable to corporate management because laws and regulations imposed on businesses expect consistent representation of the spelling of the company name for clarity purposes, for example, when enforcing trademark protections. 

The LaCerte programming team should allow apostrophes to appear in the printed copies of returns but suppress apostrophes from the E-filed name used to match the IRS control. I can think of several methods for making this work. Any method that works is fine with me. 

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Have you confirmed that it is rejected?  Is this only with corporate returns?

I know that for ProSeries 1040s, the program automatically deals with any non-allowed characters like that, so we can enter it with the apostrophe and the program apparently e-files it without the apostrophe.

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We encountered this problem because the 1120S return of a first-time client, our only corporate client with an apostrophe in the company name, was rejected by the IRS. The LaCerte help staff suggested removal of the apostrophe. I poked around the IRS website and discovered the FAQ referenced in my post.  

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