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Proforma Forward To Overwrite Carryforward Amounts (not current year inputs)

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Proforma Forward To Overwrite Carryforward Amounts (not current year inputs)


There is another suggestion by @cpa4ski to allow for backwards proforma which is a great idea and one that I've requested for quite some time.

Another similar suggestion is to allow us to proforma forwards on top of an existing client file but on for the purpose of updating the carryforward amounts.

We might start on one return and then realize that we need to go back and amend a prior year. However, we've already completely input the current year so when we're finished amending the prior year we either have to proforma it forward again and re-input everything in the current year or we have to figure out what carryforward fields changed and manually go update those fields (high probability of missing a random carryforward field).

A proforma forward to update carryforward amounts would also allow us to work on a client that has 5 years of returns that need filed but they don't have all their information together. We could input all 5 years, use the missing data utility to red-flag everything that's missing and keep track of where we are on all 5 years simultaneously. The way it works currently, we have to start with the oldest year and finish it and then proforma it forward to the next year, then finish that 2nd year completely and proforma it to the 3rd year and so on.

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great idea

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totally agreed.

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