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One page organizer list of documents needed

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One page organizer list of documents needed

Please consider a one page list of the documents and items needed from a client.  Many clients do not need/want to complete the organizers. We want to give them a list of all the specific W-2s, 1099s, they had last year.  A similar list is generated with the Link program but there is no way to get it as a printable list.  Other tax software offer this and I think it would be tremendously helpful. Thank you

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Level 1

I too would love to see this feature. I get many clients asking for a checklist every year so I have to manually create one for each client, wasting valuable time. And I definitely don't want to give them a multi-page organizer with so many unnecessary pages.

I feel it would be very easy for the software to do since it's already doing it within Link.

Level 3

I don't disagree with your ask, but I'd probably recommend you make your own rather than hold your breath for Intuit to publish one for you.

Also, have you checked out the "condensed organizer"?  It's only four pages.  I've switched over to that from the "complete organizer," and am having a lot more success / positive feedback from clients on the shorter forms.

Good luck!

Level 2

Thank you. We are using the condensed organizers and want something shorter.  It would take us too long to make custom lists for each of our clients so we wanted to put the idea out there for consideration.

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