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Minimze Splash Screens During Updates

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Minimze Splash Screens During Updates

When running a Lacerte Update, the Splash Screens take over a good percent of the screen space.  While these can be moved to the side, they often come back and are still annoying.

More importantly, they negatively impact my teams productivity as they deny full access to other applications.

I would like to see a Minimize button on these screens to hide them during the update process.

Status: New
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Level 15

I have multiple monitors and move these to another monitor. But yes minimizing would be good.

Level 15

There is a fix, but what I found is that the sign on just kind of sits there behind other screens and it is sometimes hard to find. 

You may need to join the LTUG group to see https://groups.io/g/ltug/topic/75281119#103615


Level 2

The splash screens are totally useless and annoying.  Get rid of them.  If Lacerte wants to show that the program is loading, use a small bar that takes up the space of 2 or 3 desktop icons.

Level 4

Yep, agreed

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