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Lacerte calendar integration with Outlook

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Lacerte calendar integration with Outlook


Please consider making the Lacerte calendar better or having it integrated with Outlook.  Right now we have to maintain two different calendars because the Lacerte one is very limited.  The one thing it does is connect with clients.  But we can't export the appointments or import them for the next year scheduling.  In the data export the appointments that it pulls are always blank.

We would like the following features:

1. email and text reminders to clients about their appointments

2. preparer reminders 

3. mobile app calendar ability

4. many other things I can't think of at this moment



Tarbell CPA

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New Member

I agree with Rebekah, it would be most helpful if the Lacerte calendar and Outlook could "talk" to one another.

What are the possibilities of this happening before the upcoming 2021 tax season?




Tarbell & Co 

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Anne and Rebekah you should remove your phone numbers. This is a public forum.

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