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It would be more efficient for all to have different levels of customer support based upon experience level of preparer.

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It would be more efficient for all to have different levels of customer support based upon experience level of preparer.


Experienced Lacerte users (e.g. more than 10-20 years) should have access to more experienced technical support persons.  This could be in the form of a special number or special code when calling.

Experienced Lacerte users  have different support needs then newer users.  Experienced users tend to have questions about specific items or quirks in the software, rather than basic uses.  Many times I can tell if the tech support person will be able to assist based upon the first 2-3 questions asked.  If the support person is inexperienced with more technical issues, much time can be wasted just explaining the situation to them. Or worse explaining to them how the software works.


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Level 2

I agree. I have used Lacerte as long as it has been a product.  I am now teaching the first level of tech support.  That's wrong.  Also, the tech I am now on hold with must have just woke up!!  I am in my 65th minute and bored so I am looking at these posts.  Disappointing.  The good news is that if you get to the right person they are geniuses.  Also, Lacerte, many of us work on the west coast and a 5:00 close time is when I am still seeing clients.

Returning Member

I agree that the right persons are geniuses.  They seem to instantly identify the problem. Sure do appreciate it when one of those persons are on the phone.

Level 2

I have been with Lacerte for 25 years and  i can tell the help support has got worse...Some tech people cant help with simple questions...What the hell is going on with all the money we pay and their prices go up every year........


I agree that I seem to know more than many of the technical support people that answer and they waste hours of my time.  I need a credit for my loss in hours as I pay a lot for quality service as well as the software!


New Member

So many of the technical support people are obviously new and not helpful.  It is very frustrating when I need immediate help!  I have pretty much given up on using phone support.

Level 1

I have been a user for 34 years and have made this suggestion for at least 10 years.  To quote Mr. Spock, "That is logical."


SDM & Dean,

The hold times now are also way too long and it is making me rethink paying so much money to Lacerte as one of their strong points was their technical support and diagnostics.



Level 1

I agree - I have used Lacerte for 25 years and I find it insulting when a newbie is put on the phone and, as others have said, I have to teach them.

We pay dearly for this product - PLEASE show us the respect we deserve!


Returning Member

COMPLETELY AGREE.  I usually get some rocky on the phone and get so frustrated as I teach them how to use the program!!!!!

Level 2

Completely agree, I, too, teach them about the product after 25+ years of using Lacerte. 

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