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Intuit Link Issues More important for Covid

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Intuit Link Issues More important for Covid


Hey, I am finding the Link very important this tax season with increased identity theft issues and the Covid restrictions.  That said, I find several things VERY frustrating.

      1)  Could Lacerte make it possible to print all the PDFs a client upload at one time.  Currently, if a        client uploads page by page, that's how you must print.  Make it like Excel, print the workbook!

      2) Maybe more important than #1, give the accountant the ability to delete Link files.  Currently, we have to rely on clients to delete the files once we are done.  

      3) If neither 1 or 2 are possible, could you at least give the accountants a "check box" to show an items is printed or that we are finished with it and the client can delete it.  Currently, it's hard to determine if everything needed has been printed, resulting in duplicate copies in files and no way for the client, who is the only person able to delete files, to know we are done with files unless we email them. 

Thanks, I don't think these are big changes but they would really help all of us, especially in receiving confidential information.  For those using email for this purpose, be careful, generally email is not secure.  

M T O'Malley, CPA, J.D. (Tax), CFP(r)



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Just curious, why is #2 important since that can be part of your audit trail?  This could just be an extra copy, even after you have downloaded everything from Intuit Link, and is segregated by the year, so wouldn't cause any confusion.  Furthermore, it doesn't even cost you anything to retain those files in Intuit Link.

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Frankly, my concern over privacy is the issue for #2.  I would prefer to retain the "extra copy" on a server not connected to the internet or that some other company controls.  Since I am inviting clients to use this portal, I would be more comfortable if documents could be removed, once they are no longer needed.  

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