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Include Wash Sales in Schedule D Import Wizard

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Include Wash Sales in Schedule D Import Wizard


The sort of client who generates a lot of transactions on Form 1099-B also tends to generate a lot of wash sales. While Tax Scan and Import includes wash sales, the older Schedule D Import Wizard does not.

Thank you!

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SCHEDULE D IMPORT is a valued feature for the program rather than your connect direct to the broker choice.  I've used this for year and was happy to see that Wash Sales are shown as a Column in the interactive screen 17.1.  HOWEVER, now I have to import Wash Sales to Expenses then move them over.  I have clients with multiple brokerage 1099B forms for which we get excel on (or do that inhouse).  I've spent days on this for several clients.  Please add Wash Sales as a IMPORT CHOICE to this Schedule D Tool.

Thank you - a Lacerte user since 1990.


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Yes, surprising that an expensive tax program does have a column on the schedule D import wizard

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