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Form 8865

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Form 8865


Would love to have Form 8865 in all modules where it might be relevant, thank you!

Status: Open for voting
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New Member

I need it also, would hate to leave Lacerte after so many years due to Form 8865 not supported

New Member

I need this form....I can't believe Lacerte doesn't support it. It's such a common form. Is there a reason for Lacerte not to support this form?

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for voting
Patty Krishnan
New Member

Yes, we are looking for Form 8865 and it would be nice if Lacerte supports this form


Form 8865 is needed to e-file and if not available, need to look for other options.

Level 1

Dear Intuit, your Lacerte and ProConnect software cost is high, and the only reason to put up with it is that you guys are also VERY good.  Part of being VERY good is having all the forms, both common and obscure, available to your devoted army of taxation soldiers.  Please live up to our expectations and add the 8865 to your fully-supported forms.  It's time-consuming to do it by hand and does not look professional to our clients.

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