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Fix the Intuit Accountants Community help

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Fix the Intuit Accountants Community help

It seems that Lacerte no longer wants to create a How To or actual product guide type reference on their website, preferring users to post questions and hope for a proper response from other users.  I find this EXTREMELY frustrating for the following reasons:

1. when inside the Lacerte product, entering a question in the Live Community section jumps you to the old Accountants help page that has not been active in several years.  When you click the link to take you to the proper link, your question does not follow to the next page and you have to re-enter it.

2. You can select your tax product on the proconnect.intuit.com page but if you enter a question in the search box, you still get responses from other products like ProSeries.  This does not help me if I am using Lacerte.

3. You can't seem to find any location for program errors to research what an issue may be.  Searching on the error number on the proconnect page does not bring up any relevant information.  

You need to get this Community section cleaned up if you prefer us to use it.  

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Level 2

yes this is very frustrating!

Level 15

If you come here using a web browser, you see menus at the top. Top left, you see Topics > Articles.

Use this:


Also, there is a Search field that doesn't work well, but you can put a partial in there, such as:


and just pause, to see some links. Or, click that magnifier, to get search results. Or, use google site search, such as:

site:https://proconnect.intuit.com/community 7202

(okay, but you don't want that as a link; you just want the text part)

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