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eSignature Status - Downloaded

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eSignature Status - Downloaded


Currently the last Status shown in the eSignature Dashboard is eSignature completed

As our team expects to process about 400 eSginatures this season we are looking for a way to identify those envelopes that are downloaded from those that need to be downloaded.  We envision that the list will be long and near the end of the season we will see a "Sea of Green" eSignature completed items.

As Envelope History indicates an action of Archive Delivered after downloading, it seems that there should be some way of indicating this information in the Dashboard (new Status, another Column, etc) such that a user can sort out or hide the items that are "Downloaded".

Status: Open for voting
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Level 3

I would love a way to download the forms in bulk instead of one by one.  And better yet, if it could easily be sent to Smartvault in bulk! 

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open for voting
Level 4


I guess I'm missing something.  Maybe all these statuses are explained elsewhere (??). 

Have we not been voting since the post was created?

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