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eSignature enhancement suggestions

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eSignature enhancement suggestions


Hopefully other users will add to this list. I have processed close to 100 returns with eSignature this year (about 20 last year). If this is truly the wave of the future there are a number of process issues that need changing over paper returns.

1.- Dashboard needs to be much more flexible in terms of sorting. It needs to be able to sort by last name, not first name. Also filtering capabilities would be nice.

2.- There needs to be a way to delete voided returns.

3.- We need the flexibility to designate who receives the invoice for payment. Currently it only goes to the taxpayer. We need to have T/S/J options.

4.- The dashboard needs to sort by the last signature date, not necessarily the last entry date of DocuSign. Many times a client will login after signing to retrieve a copy, or DocuSign sends a envelope history report out. This pushes the client to the top of the Last Activity date.

5.- I need a way to quickly see who has signed. Currently I am manually keeping track of this and also logging into my DocuSign account. In the account I get a sorted signing date.

6.- With multiple preparers sending out DocuSign requests the status emails from DocuSign go to various preparers in the firm. We eliminated that by designating a specific workstation and user login so that all DocuSign requests go to one preparer.

7.- Items to print. The items to print needs enhancing for electronically delivered returns. If you think about, "items to print", is for paper-based returns. We need a whole new system for electronically delivered returns. My work around is one workstation is dedicated to generating electronically generated returns/DocuSign. I have been able to tweak what "prints".

8.-Client Letters. Should be more sections devoted to electronic delivery/payments. I have a number of standard letters that I have had to copy and re-work for DocuSign. I have to take out the references to "sign and return the e-file forms to us". That type of stuff.

If Lacerte wants to really push the DocuSign they need to really design a system around it instead of just adding on things. Major work? yes, but that is the future of our industry.

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In lieu of the changing times particularly brought on by COVID, it would be so helpful if Lacerte was able to better streamline or increase efficiency with forms being sent to clients.   As I work remotely with most of my clients I am no longer generating paper forms for signature or payment.  Almost all my finished tax returns are sent via email.   Sending a tax return includes; a complete copy of the tax return, 8879's, client letter, client invoice, vouchers to pay, estimates, due diligence checklist and an engagement letter.  Currently, if using DocuSign this process of getting clients all the necessary documents (not just the one's to be signed) becomes a very time consuming process.  There is no efficient way to do this and for firms like mine who have a large client base, this inefficient process costs me valuable time during tax season.  

Might there be someway that Lacerte can integrate a process that would automatically bring all these forms together in an email with some basic instructions (that could be modified)?   This type of efficiency would be a game changer for me and save 5 to 10 minutes per tax return.  When you have a high volume tax practice this time savings is huge.  


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I agree with most of the suggestions in original post.  I would particularly LOVE to be able to filter returns by partner or preparer so that I'm not seeing all returns that don't apply to me.  Also, when we were not using unlimited, it was almost impossible to break out the charges by partner/preparer because there is no way to filter it. 

I like the notifications within Lacerte when people sign (the red banner at top), but I don't understand why it shows up sometimes and not others. 

Level 2

I have tried to use some of the 5 free esigs.  Of the 3 I used, only 1 taxpayer actually was able to esign.  the others said they never received the esig email.  I think that if we could copy a link and send from our usual email program, there would be a greater success rate.

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I would like to be able to edit payment options so I could restrict my clients from using a credit card to pay their invoice.  It should also be flexible in case credit card payment was my best option.

Level 4

I would like to be able to search on Entity Name as opposed to signatory name.  I also should be able to search on Client Number (fastest) and email address.

There is a GUI bug (reported) when filtering with a single result returned.  If Lacerte is not full screen and if one clicks on the menu (right) it opens up and under the (Actions) section of the title bar.  This makes it impossible to select the options in the drop "up" dialog box.

When one purchases eSignatures, a receipt should be generated and sent to the logged in user who performs the purchase and the primary email on the account.

I would like to be able to collapse the statistics at the top so I have more signatures in the window.

I would like the filter to be persistent by user across tax types.  Ie as I move between tax types, my last filter will be automatically set. When I log out and back in my last filter will be set.

Related Navigation in the filter dialog box is clumsy and requires some scrolling to get to the buttons, which need to be clicked twice in most cases.

As I have noted in another post, I want to have a status past eSignature Completed (ie downloaded) that helps me more easily identify which eSignatures are recently completed.  A date range selection would help, but is not a true solution and is NOT the same as a date sort. (Again persistance)

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Regarding your request to "helps me more easily identify which eSignatures are recently completed" I have the found the following workaround to get this info. I log into my DocuSign account and click on Completed from the Home screen (or alternatively at the Manage screen you can select Quick Views-Completed).

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