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eSignature Dashboard consolidation

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eSignature Dashboard consolidation

We are using it for the first time and I think my hesitation has come true.  Wish we did not have to go into each module to check status.  Also when filing are complete, they should go to a different folder or tab.  We will be filing over 1400 returns and the scrolling will not be fun.

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I'm new to accessing the eSignature Dashboard(s). Is there a way to view all dashboards within each client type vs. jumping back & forth?

Thank you.

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I don't understand your question, so can't give a great answer

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Okay - sorry! 

Because each client tax type has its own eSignature Dashboard, I have to toggle back and forth for that specific client tax type, e.g. Partnership, Individual, Corporate, etc. It would be nice to see all the dashboards status updates in one screen.

This feature may not exist, but thought it was worth asking.

Thank you!

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That was my suggestion.  It does not exist.

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Bummer. Okay - thank you for the responses. Have a good week!

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