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E-signature dashboard incorporating e-file status

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E-signature dashboard incorporating e-file status


Started to use e-signature exclusively this year and I am loving it so far. However it's a bit cumbersome tracking completed ones. I know this can be done in the e-file center but it'd be nice to have it in both spots. Perhaps you can add a filter on the e-signature dashboard based on the e-file status. As it works now, it's difficult to filter to see only completed e-signatures where the returns haven't been efiled. So perhaps having a column to show the e-filed return status right on the dashboard and allow filtering by said status.

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You can add a status column on your display view that will show you the current E-sign status.  This way you can see it in your normal client list.  Go to Settings, Options, Display.  Expand the Miscellaneous section and look for eSignature Status.  Double click this to put it in your display list.  

I can request the E-signature  and see it is complete right from my 1040 client list which avoids having to go to the eSignature Dashboard unless there is a problem. 

I also set up a new Client Status for when I finish a return that will be e-filed. I change status to In EF Process.   

Using the Client Status allows me to only be seeing returns that are somewhere in the EF process rather than my entire client list.  Once the client signatures are complete and the EF return is done and accepted, I move this to a COMPLETED status.  

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@BBender Thanks for the suggestion. I do have that column, but it's not possible to filter by that status. I think the main reason why I posted this was because we'll download the zip file and then save that to our DMS (Smartvault). The status idea is a good one though, will try that.


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@UMDJeremyThe basic concept is WorkFlow, or lack there of. 

The output of eSignatures is the input to e-File and right now there is a disconnect.  I made a post here which basically ties to sorting\filtering eSignautres for those which have been downloaded or ready to be e-Filed.

I also would like to hide clients whose eSignatures are fully processed.  This will help better focus on the outstanding eSignatures.  While not like having these integrated, knowing I have the file (as opposed to the file waiting to be downloaded) tells us (in our process) that the content is in the hands of our eFile coordinater. 

I also posted on column sorting here.

An integrated dashboard would be super, but I think that is what Intuit is pushing with the Karbon adds we get every update. 

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