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client info/detail report

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client info/detail report


It would be nice if you could customize the Print-> Database Report Information-> Client Summary report to check-in clients the following year such as verifying address (available now), etc.

Some options I see as useful: phone & email FOR BOTH TP & SP, bank info (maybe last 4 of acct #), dependent NAME W/AGE as of 12/31, fed & state estimated tax amounts (and carryover if applicable),  etc.

Maybe only print the form they had instead of a list of all of them?  

Or allow the Custom report to be printed as a PDF with 1 client per page, and choose either landscape of portrait.  Currently, if you go over, it prints portrait and you end up with multiple pages with no option.

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I'd be careful with the database report this year.  We found it not to be that accurate in some areas.  Here is the discussion from about mid-Oct:


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Thanks for the scoop on the accuracy issues related to this!

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