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Cash/Accrual Warning

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Cash/Accrual Warning


It'd be nice to have a informational diagnostic pop up when you have the Cash method of accounting checked, but have accrual accounts on the return.  

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Level 15

Hw would the software know?

Level 15
Wouldn't the trial balance, that thing one usually uses to start preparing a return, indicate cash vs accrual?
Level 15

Intuit has a project in place to make the system completely foolproof so that it will warn you about virtually any potential error in the return.  However, the current price tag on the software would be roughly $100,000 so it might be a bit pricey for the average user.

Level 1

@abctax55 That is generally correct, at least with QB.  I was just thinking it'd be a nice feature to have - especially when you are preparing a new clients return where the previous accountant may have marked "Cash" but prepped the return on "Accrual".  


@sjrcpa If the return is marked Cash and there is A/P, A/R, etc.  I'm not too sure how it would be accomplished, but just thought it'd be a neat feature.

@IRonMaN Ah - of course,  I think that's a bit out of our price range.  Thank you!

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