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Button to apply American Rescue Plan Act Provisions

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Button to apply American Rescue Plan Act Provisions


Why do we have to check the box at the top of the screen 3 to apply the provisions of the American Rescue Plan Act?  Shouldn't it be applied automatically?

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New Member

I agree. I was just speaking to another preparer saying the exact same thing!

Level 15

Not everyone keeps good notes, or locks returns. If you have already filed the return, then clicking box changes the world as it was once known.

The box is there to check for new returns being filed AFTER all the dust settles. I think it is a very good safety check. 

Level 7

@George4Tacks is right. 

Another advantage I like to do with grumpy clients is to print off the 2 year summary before the changes and show the client how much they benefited from the law change.

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