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Allow Us to Force Itemized Deductions in the KY Individual Return

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Allow Us to Force Itemized Deductions in the KY Individual Return

Kentucky allows you to itemize if your itemized deductions are greater than $2,650 per individual. When taking the $300 above line contribution to the federal return, Lacerte forces the standard deduction on the KY return which is incorrect and does not allow us to take the greater of the standard or itemized.

The instructions for the KY return regarding the Schedule A Itemized Deduction and a direct answer from the state of KY says in part:

You may itemize your deductions for Kentucky even if you do not itemize for federal purposes.






Status: New
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Level 15

This bug was brought to the attention of Intuit moderators but there's been no response so far:


Level 15

That's unusual since they are normally quite responsive when their customers are drowning 😶

Level 15

I can't fathom why that would be the case, can you? 😶

Level 2

Just wait until preparer's start getting into preparing the many tax returns that will be upcoming since we are all are just getting past the W-2 and 1099 busy part of the year.  Those that will be checking the state returns will be outraged that there is no work around this issue until Lacerte gets its programmers to correctly allow us to itemize on the Kentucky tax returns.

We will be holding these returns until Lacerte gets on the ball and makes these changes that conform to Kentucky tax law!

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