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Allow for notes on a client file

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Allow for notes on a client file


Allow a place for our office to put some client notes within Lacerte.  Many times, we would benefit greatly from having the ability to add some notes on a tax return project, just for our in-office information.  The client may want the return mailed somewhere else, or we are waiting on a corrected 1099, or they are going to be out of town for a certain period of time.  It would be great to have a place to make notes that lives digitally within the program.  Perhaps a great place would be a fourth tab in the client status (F4) window?  Just a place to note what is going on with the returns so anyone in the office can view it.

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Level 15

There is a sticky notes feature.

Level 15

I posted some database references on your other "suggestion" that includes the connectivity ideas from others, including using Notes. You might also want this bookmark:



Level 1

It was called Client Tracker and it was perfect for in-house notes and progress reports.  It needs to come back!

It doesn't work well for the Sticky Notes as those are for specific areas of the return input, not a general place for the overall return.

Level 3

I would love for the clients tab to have the sticky notes feature as well.  Or a line that can be added to the display that would allow for notes for other staff that may need that piece of information.

Randy Jenkins
Level 1

It would be help if this sticky note could be placed on any spot in the return and not restricted where it is can be placed, then not to have it moved around later on by Lacerte would be appreciated! 

Level 4

please also see: Lacerte User Definable Fields


Level 2

The challenge with sticky notes is that there is not a clear indication that they are present.  I have to look for a little square somewhere on the return or open the sticky note screen with the button on the off-chase that a particular client has a note.

I would prefer a standardized place, perhaps in the Client Information screen or on the Contents screen, which displayed when notes were present.  Better yet, if the notes field was populated, a link in the Contents side panel (below Status, States, and E-File) would appear.  I'm in the Contents screen enough that this is a good place for a reminder.

Additionally, a column in the Clients tab similar to the Locked Client would be helpful, with a note icon, so I can see at a glance that a particular client has a note populated.

Right now, our general "client notes" are captured in a Word document in a particular folder for the client, and we need to remember to check it for each client, which doesn't always get done.  Something "in my face" on the Client's tab and in the Contents/Client Info screen would be much preferable.

Level 3

Great ideas ScottM - and yes I voted!

Randy Jenkins
Level 1

I fully support this suggestion!

Level 1

Lacerte could add a 'form' that is "CLIENT NOTES" so the form can be toggled to be a column on the home screen (All Clients)  for quick review without going out to anther program to track open items for a client....  'Client Notes' can support the 'Status'  function (who wants to build out 100 status functions to fit the need), Client Notes would carry forward to the next year, and one can edit items as needed....       

In the slow changes that haunt Inuit/Lacerte's functionality...    I am going to look for a worksheet that can stick to the home screen and utilize that as Notes.   (i.e. when will they remove the Help from the bottom of each screen, do they know it moved??)  ~ Ann


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