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why isn't there an option on the 2020 program to print page 2 schedule K-1 instructions?

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Prior year tax programs had a setting option to print 1065 / 1120S Schedule K-1 page 2 instructions.  This does not appear on the 2020 program.  Is this an oversight or coming out in a future update?

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Compare the IRS version of the K-1 for 2020 and 2019 - it isn't an Intuit thing.

2020 Schedule K-1 (Form 1120-S) (irs.gov)

2019 Schedule K-1 (Form 1120-S) (irs.gov)

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The IRS has all of the Codes for each line in the K-1 Instructions for 2020.  The draft Schedule K-1 instructions state no "page 2" of the Form and to review the codes as listed in the instructions.  There are many more Codes that have been added for 2020.  I'm guessing they couldn't list all the codes on one page so they decided to include in the instructions instead.

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Settings > Options > Items to print you may select to print the K-1 Instructions (be sure to load extra sheets of paper)

k-1 inst.jpg

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 so this one page instruction sheet no longer exists for 2020?  Not looking to print a book, just this one page that was the back of K-1 in prior years

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Nope, doesn't exist for 2020. 

Also, the Codes listed in the DRAFT Schedule K-1 instructions for Partnerships start on page 21 and end on page 24.  The Codes have a column for Where to report on your return and refers back to other pages of the Schedule K-1 instructions.