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Why is Lacerte auto attaching every basis schedule with 1040?

Donna G
Level 2

Lacerte is auto attaching all basis schedules to 1040.  I don't believe these are required, so I'm not sure if it's a glitch or I am missing something?  I can turn auto generate off, but I'd rather know why they are attaching in the first place.  The only one that should be attaching is an scorp with distributions in 2020 and this is already being picked up in the statements, so I'm unsure about why the other ones are being attached via pdf.

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Check your:


Basis Schedule.  Did you set it to "Always with Statements"?

Be careful what you wish for; you may get it.  (More than "may" when it comes to Lacerte.) 

By the way, you can overwrite the default setting in Screen 3, Misc. 


Donna G
Level 2

The setting is "with statements for s-corp loss k-1's only"

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Per Lacerte: Choose “With Statements for S-Corp loss K-1’s” to have the program print the basis schedule for those shareholder K-1’s that total to a loss in the statements, and have all other activities print in the worksheets.

I also have this in my Settings.  Works exactly as per Lacerte for my clients.

Are you sure you didn't see the basis schedules for the others in the worksheets? 


Donna G
Level 2

When I  went to efile the return, I saw that a pdf attachment was being included with the federal return.  (I had not attached a pdf to the federal return.)  When I went into the detail to see what was being included I saw that a new PDF attachment was added  called "PDF Attach Sch E p2 Basis Stmt" linked to form Other.  It includes a copy of every basis schedule, as well as copies of all of the statements already included with the return.  

Thank you for taking the time to respond.


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Please address:

Is Lacerte automatically attaching a PDF file with the Basis info as described by @Donna G ?

 What other PDF files are automatically attached - is there a list?

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