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Why do does Lacerte send an organizer which invites the clients to write in all of their data?

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Lacerte provides it. You send it, at your option.

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I've been using their organizer for 30 years now and they have never taken steps to improve it. Just make a list of W-2s and 1099s with a check mark -- don't make them fill it out (which they do almost every year). We really only need the Schedule C, E, F and A information off the organizers. Basically anything that comes on an issued form, I don't need my clients to write it in. Most client's don't like our organizers anyway -- too confusing and too voluminous. It could be cut to about 8 pages or less for most clients. I want an organizer that is user friendly for my clients and there's no excuse for Lacerte not looking for a better mousetrap after 30 years of presenting the same old organizer year after year.

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I am finding the e-organizer process too cumbersome, and those clients who have received them don't know what to do or how to respond. Based on your own experience, what do you send a client? Is it simply a list showing what was included in the prior year return along with a questionnaire similar to what you see produced by Intuit?

Ed Dowaschinski

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