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When is LaCerte releasing the update, so the correct due date of May 17th is reflected on the client instructions?

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I second this question! When is Lacerte going to change the deadline date to 5/15/2021?  It is March 23 and the deadline change has been in effect since March 17.  I found a post by an Intuit admin, but am unable to click "reply" to it. Intuit/Lacerte needs to improve their community and make it easier to find answers to common questions and give feedback.

The removal of the chat with a Lacerte expert a few years ago was a terrible idea.  This used to be a valuable tool that would save us from staying on hold for a long time.  Also, the quality of Lacerte support over the phone has gone down tremendously year after year.  They've hired contractors to handle support calls too.  I was on a call with a contractor who didn't know what to do and she was chatting with a colleague who was an Intuit employee.  That was inefficient.

Anyhow, please improve our support tools so we may get answers more promptly!

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I just bit the bullet and called. The support people don't know either. Worth a try. They are "working on it with the IRS." Doesn't seem like that big of a deal to push the date to the letter and then push any reprogramming re penalties after 4/15/21 later. At least to me....but I'm just a CPA, not a programmer, haha. 

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I agree 100%.  This is my first year with Lacerte; moved from CCH Axcess and I thought Axcess support was bad but Lacerte is the same.  So far not thrilled I changed; hopefully it will get better and updates will come sooner.  Also very surprised that when doing multi-state tax return the copy of the non-res return isn't auto generated to attach to the resident tax return.  I always get a diagnostic that I need to attach a pdf of the state return.  Very cumbersome and easy to not attach the latest version if changes are made.

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I never get the diagnostic you describe on the multi-state return, so I wonder if we are set up different. There is a setting that might help. 

Go to Settings > Master Options > Items to Print

In the Copy box select Government

In the Print Settings - Government Copy box I have set the Multi-State Return Copies as Needed to When applicable.

I'm not sure if that will fix your issue, but it might.

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I do have it like that.  oh well. maybe it's only certain states.  thanks

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