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We were told that you could scan source documents and Lacerte would OCR and prepare a PDF with the documents bookmarked to the correct place. How do we get this to work?

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Our firm is coming from CCH ProSystem. CCH has a Scan software, where you scan your source documents and the OCR recognizes the forms and prepares a PDF with most of the documents bookmarked in a proper section and labeled (W-2s in a bookmark called "Wages", 1099-Ints under a bookmark labeled "Interest", etc). We used this PDF as our tax workpapers. The documents could be scanned in any order and the software did most of the work building the PDF workpaper. The info was then also available to import into the tax software.

When we switched to Lacerte we were assured that they had a very similar system and the software would build a similar PDF. How do we do this? Do we need a separate Scan software like CCH? I see how we send PDFs to Lacerte for OCR and Import purposes, but we are unsure how to get the source documents recognized and organized into a single bookmarked PDF to use as our workpapers.

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That functionality is an add on available for purchase.It's called Tax Import.

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