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Version Updates

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Where can I go to see what is being updated within a new version of Lacerte.  For instance, the updated that came down today, April 3rd, what forms, program changes, etc, where altered?





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They don't share that with us, even when they break some form. 


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This is a sad situation.  We pay thousands an thousands of dollars to Intuit-Lacerte.  We pay for accurate software.  I get that changes in tax code and bugs in systems are a common part or our business.  All I want is to be told of changes.  


Last year, Lacerte was not calculating Oregon state tuition costs correctly.  Took a month to explain the problem to a Lacerte, in the meantime, I was lucky and could hold back returns that we "wrong due to programming" . Clients appropriated our work, but even when the program was fixed, Lacerte, they did not bother to tell us.


LACERTE - we are not asking for you to share your programming code or your reasons for making an update. We are only asking for a small notation such as:

       Update to Oregon tuition deduction


Is that so hard !