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Use of updates tabs yields no results. Two calls to have not been returned. Program flat out does not seem to be there. Anyone else having these problems?

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Rep access does not work.  This is getting downright frustrating.  Anyone out there that gives a rip?
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I am unsure of what you mean by update tabs. The most secure way to do an update (there is a new one today) is to follow the instructions given here to run Web Setup from your windows start button. 

For 2020 > Hit the Windows Button > Type "2020 Lacerte Web Setup" > Hit Enter > follow the prompts

REP access is initiated when you go to FORMS view or try to print. HINT: If you want to do a return as practice use all 9s for the EIN or SSN. You will do REP, but there is no charge.

P.S. Loose the attitude. This is a user forum and I and most of the responses you get will be from other VOLUNTEER users that definitely give a rip.. 

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I just REP'd :

Individual with 5 extras states.

Partnership with 5 extra states.

S-Corp with two extra states.

So I think it's working.

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Two days ago the LaCerte representative could not help.  Put me on hold and I waited for over an hour before giving up.

Yesterday rather than stay on hold for an extended period of time I left my number which according to the call meant I would not lose my place in line.  No call back. I inquired as to whether anyone gave a rip and someone said I should work on my attitude.

Today got a representative that could not help, referred me to someone else and I again left my number for a call back.  Never got a call back.  Seems like my rip comment is appropriate.

Program does not work.  I installed prep files as suggested.  No luck.  Representative and I installed rep files again.  Still did not work and I was referred to the same recording of leave your number and we will get back to you.  No call back.  

Three days.  No call backs and I have some work to do.  

I have been a LaCerte user for in excess of 20 years and have never experienced anything like this.

Here's my situation:

1.  all clients carried over from 2019

2.  i open one up, process and click on authorization button

3  program kicks me back to list of clients  (sometimes rep lock button shows; sometimes it doesn't)

Rip, signing off



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Maybe @IntuitAustin or @IntuitBettyJo can put you in contact with a specialist that can resolve this for you.