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updating bank account and routing information for e signature payments

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So I have been on hold for 4 hours with 3 different Lacerte tech support people.   Each tries to help then transfers me to "level 2 support"  or a supervisor, and in truth, they transfer me back to the same line of holding for Lacerte support.   The typical wait for Lacerte support is 30 minutes or longer year-round.   All I want to do is change the routing and account number under the signature portion of Lacerte.   I tried to disconnect the account and create a new account profile and that worked but it kept the same business name so now I have two exactly the same accounts.   There seems to be no way to delete or edit account information once it is entered.   Lacerte support is incredibly unhelpful and one time they suggested I call QuickBooks support... wow they suggested I call Lacerte tech support because they could not help.   I am now on hold with Lacerte again total call time over 40 minutes with no answer waiting on a supervisor... which I will bet is another general Lacerte support rep.  Endless loops of never-ending support reps with no help.   The good part is I have a speakerphone and I just sit and wait.  My other phone is now going on 1 hour 24 minutes and the rep never returned to help... just left me on hold.   So if you know how to delete a payment account in Lacerte's signature payment area let me know.   As for the tech support run around... there is no fix Lacerte is hopelessly unable to provide support on questions they answer quickly route you to support and you are on hold forever no matter what the question.    We have been with Lacerte for 35 years.... and after they were purchased by Intuit the support has been worse and worse.   They had difficulties answering our questions.  

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It shouldn't be difficult unless I mistook what you're trying to accomplish.  Try logging in with the hyperlink below.  After selecting the account you'd like to update, it should bring you to the Billing section where you can edit, add, or delete your payment methods.


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The issues is different but the solution after days of trying is to log into the QB account and edit there.  Thanks for all the assistance.   It can not be done in the Lacerte or Intuit area.

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So I finally fixed the issue with esignature and having 2 account named the same.   You have to go into https://merchantcenter.intuit.com/msc/portal/home?acctNum=acct and sign in then to accounts then deactivate the 2nd account.   OMG took for ever but that is the solution. 

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