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Update Help!

Level 1

Lacerte indicates that there is an update to 40.0630 that is required to e-file returns, but when I go to check for updates, I get a message that says I am on the most recent version of the program and there are no updates available. 

I spent over 4 hours on hold earlier this week trying to get the 40.0626 update to work and now here were are again... on hold... 

Any clue ideas on how to get an update when the system says there is not one available? 

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Level 7

Depends when you completed the Update. Did you Update with the 6/25 release or the 6/30. Are you sure you  are not already using the most recent version? Seems the dates Updates become available are more and more fluid in my experience.  

Open Lacerte. Pass the dreaded Login. Press F10 - look at Versions tab. Most recent that I am aware is like you mentioned 40.0630 

(If you already did all this my apologies) 

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