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TAX SEASON NIGHTMARE - no Requests in Link

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Has anyone experienced no Requests showing in "Intuit Link" for clients?  Many of my 2018 clients, have nothing in "Intuit Link" for 2019.  No "Requests".  Support says "re type it all."  Let me know if you know a work around.  This is such a time waster, and I can never invite people know ing this problem is likely.
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After the request was created, did you or your staff check to make sure you can see all the items on Link for Accountants?  It's always a good idea to check, to make sure things are posted as you have intended.

Another potential issue is with clients whose email addresses have changed from the previous year.  There have been a lot of complaints about that.  It is important to note that when you change the client's email address on your end, that only affects the email to which communication from Link will be sent; clients will still need to login using their old email address (which is just a login ID) to access what's in Link - not very Intuit(ive), I know, but that's part of the issue with the design of Link and Intuit's account setup.  To correct that, your client should login to OIA (https://accounts.intuit.com/index.html) with their old email address and change their user ID to match the new email address). 

Lastly, it is undeniable that Link is not the most user-friendly client portal.  Intuit puts a lot of control over the workflow and structure, probably those are necessary for tax product integration.  That does, however, mean that we are at the mercy of Link working properly, we may not always be able to diagnose problems our clients encounter, and it's not always possible for us to provide timely first-hand resolution to clients, who have high expectations from us, as professionals.  That is one major reason others favor the use of their own tried-and-tested trusty secure client portal, over which they have better control - at least until Link improves its functionalities, reliability, and client support.

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