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Suspend depreciation claculations

Level 4

When a Rental is not rented for a year and you do not depreciate for a year in Lacerte do you have to manually  have to go into every item and input prior depreciation in order for it to pick up previous years deprecation. I had one that had been depreciated for 7 years stopped for 1 year and the 

year that it was restarted it looked like you would have to reenter the accumulated depreciation because it was starting from square one as far as the depreciation




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Level 14

First, take a step back. 

Why was it not depreciated for a year?  Was it converted to personal use? 

Was it (a) exactly 1 year, (b) slightly less than 1 year, or (c) more than 1 year?

Level 4

The rental was not rented for a year. They took a break from renting then decided to rent it the following year. So it sat vacant for a year

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