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Stimulus Payment 3

Level 3

This is more of a general question.  I have a client who has filed their 2020 federal return with incorrect banking information.  My understanding is that the information used for the second stimulus payment will be used to deposit any third stimulus payment, so this may be NA.   Does the client need to address this incorrect information, and if so does the IRS have an avenue to do so?  My research indicates that they are not accepting any requests for taxpayer information changes at this point.

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The deposit should bounce on the return and be converted to a check ------------------- after a delay.  The stimulus payment would then be by way of check.

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Don't try to predict the unpredictable.  I have already seen dozens of cases where Treasury had perfect banking information for government payments, including refund checks.  That's what IRS used for EIP#1.  For EIP#2, they sent a debit card.  

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Amazing how many people want to use direct deposit because they can't wait a little while to get a check in mail...people who are not hurting financially... just plain greed pure and simple... Just my opinion...