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State Lacerte charges

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I have a question for the Lacerte-using Community (I hope this is an appropriate forum to ask this question):

I purchased the 200 return package for individuals.  The only thing I am invoiced for additionally is additional states (other than my home state) in which they need to file.  What this means is if I have a client who files in my home state, plus one other state, I am invoiced supplementally for one additional state.  What this also means is if I have an out-of-state client (i.e. NOT my home state), I am billed for that out-of-state return as well.  Does anyone understand the rationale as to why each of my clients don't get a federal and one state return (regardless of their home state) without a supplemental charge included in the package?

I'm probably going to get an "it is what it is" answer, but I ask this question as the additional state charges aren't getting any cheaper, and I pass the out-of-pocket costs on to my client.  Some inquiring clients don't quite understand this, and I potentially might be losing some as a result.  Or maybe I'm going to get a surprise answer telling me that I should have been requesting a credit for such state charges all along and I've been overpaying for years?!?!

Has anyone else asked the question of Lacerte and received an answer?  They removed the account representative assigned to me for some unknown reason...so I would have no idea to who I would ask this question if I were to call in.

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What you paid for is 200 returns for Federal and that specific home state.  We pay for unlimited Federal and unlimited for certain States.  If you file in any other State, it is a separate charge.  You did not pay for a Federal return and one State.  Unfortunately, you paid for Federal and a specific State.

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Thank you for the reply.  So is there a way to structure the contract differently?  Did I not structure it properly?  I realize what is going on, but I don't understand the rationale....and my out-of-state clients don't either.  I have to invoice each of them an extra $50 (or pay for it out of my own pocket).  This can add up to a not so insignificant dollar amount.

Just trying to find out a way (if there is one) to reduce my software costs.  I have used Lacerte for 11 years, yet found out only a couple of years ago that I could request refunds of state return charges under certain circumstances.  I wish I had known this the first several years, as it cost me quite a bit.  I have been much more conscious of this over the last few years.

Thanks again!

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