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Stand alone CA rnneturn for Michigan resident

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I have a client, a resident of Michigan who needs to file a CA non-resident return, pursuant to CA R & TC section 17951(a)  (which is based on CA Propositiion 39) and Regulation sec 17951-4(c). to report and pay tax on what CA says is California source incme. My client and I have been to the Califoria Office of Tax Appelas (OTA) (FTB assessment was dismissed in our favor)  and we know what to do. At this point I have prepared the CA Schedule online at the IRS.gov webside When  I enter the net CA source schedule C income into Lacerte, it not only shows it as Califonria source income but adds to Fedearl income on Schedule CA, which is erroneous. This is not additional Federal income. Taxpayers joint txable income is large enough that we can live with this error. But Lacerte software is producing an erroreus return in this insance. 

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