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SCorp 7203 forms from bifurcated K-1

Level 3

Have an S Corp K-1 with operational and rental activity.  For years Lacerte has had the diagnostic that to properly account for these two kinds of activity the K-1 should be bifurcated, so I have been separately breaking out the RE% as its own K-1.  Now with the 7203 filings this year, how can we get the 7203 to add both K-1 inputs together so that it will tie to the 7203 from the 1120S?  Or at least get two 7203 forms to print?  I went back and manually adjusted the net income down on one and up on the other to finally get the right result, but that seems awfully cumbersome to do every year.  Can Lacerte add a tie to link, or a force print box?  Or has anyone found another way around this?

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