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RI-1096pt pass-through withholding on k-1

Level 1

I have a shareholder in a RI sub S.

They get a K-1 with a Pass-through withholding payment made for out of state resident

where does this amount get entered on k-1 input screen in the individual module?

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Level 4

In most states, S corporations can either (1) file a composite return and pay state income tax on behalf of the nonresidents shareholders' income, freeing the shareholders from filing a nonresident income tax return; or (2) withhold state income tax on the nonresidents’ K-1 income.

Since the S corporation chose Option (2), your client needs to file Form RI-1040NR and report the RI withholding.

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Enter the amount on screen 20.2, under section line 13, in the field credit for state estimates/withholding paid, and code to RI

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