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ref. #55796

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latest update seems to have added a new critical diagnostic for NC returns with PPP loan additions to NC income.  Anybody know how to get rid of it.  Would love to e-file some returns.

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What does it say? We don't have a cheat sheet for these diagnostics.

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e-file:  If Schedule PN, Part B, Line 17e or 19h are greater than zero, Schedule PN-1 must be generated for e-file.  Please review or remove any overrides to generate the Schedule PN-1 in the return. (ref #55796).

PN-1 is filed when there is a part-year NC resident return.  The returns in question are 2020 NC residents, no part-year needed. 

The taxpayer received a PPP loan in 2020 that was forgiven.  As such, expenses paid with PPP loan proceeds cannot be deducted for NC taxable income and are added back to NC income on D-400 Sch S.  

Until this most recent update (we updated yesterday, 6/15), PPP loan forgiveness for individuals was input as a manual override on the NC return.  Not sure what changed but it is affecting several returns where just last week there were no issues.

The PPP addition to income is being manually input under the federal column under Other Additions (Sch S/Sch PN-1) just like it has been for 2020 returns.

It appears the PPP addition is being added to both Sch S and PN-1 even though PN-1 is not needed for this return.

Any suggestions for resolution are welcome!

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