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recovery rebate rejects

Does anyone know if we file a return that has the recovery rebate wrong will it get rejected when efiling?  We just had a little old lady drop off her information.  She is not required to file and she said she did not g

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Does she receive Social Security?  It would have gone to her automatically.  

I dont think they will reject for it, but a correction letter or refund delay is what were probably looking at.

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They're working on it. 

"Rettig's comments come as the IRS prepares to start the tax filing season on Feb. 12, which is a later-than-usual start date.  During the filing season, people who did not receive the full amount of the stimulus payments to which they are entitled can claim a 'recovery rebate' tax credit. The IRS is working to ensure that its systems can verify that the rebate credits it provides to taxpayers are accurate."