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unable to download new software

Level 2

I renewed in June 2020 with a deferred payment option.  I haven't been able to download my software, though my account shows the deferred pay option is active.  I havent been able reach anyone about this. Any suggestions?

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Level 15

Are you indicating that it is not listed on your "My Account" or are you saying it won't download.



Here is  how to contact support.


I am having the same problem. I spoke with someone at Lacerte last week and they said its tied to a past due invoice I had over the summer. Doing e-signatures (which I never have done before) the rep charges didn't auto pay like i had set them up to. So for a $20 invoice they set me up on deferred payment option but denied it without ever notifying me. And now my dashboard is locked up in the deferred payment saying I will be notified when the software is ready for download. Seems silly over $20 but I guess its their policy. 

Level 2

I ultimately got the software released.  I didn't owe any money. I had my renewal contract and my deferred payment option.  Somehow, my account got hung up in the mysterious "back office" and it took over 10 days to get it released.  I am disappointed with the "back office".  But have nothing but praise for the 5 support agents that ultimately got it released!