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Scanning to DMS

Level 2

How can I get DMS (on Lacerte Hosted) to find my Fujitsu ScanSnap scanner (which is right there, plugged into my Windows computer)? How do I find the path?  Does anyone know?

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Level 8

Not a DMS user. But with finicky application I do use, the scanner needs to be powered on prior to starting the document management application. Cannot turn scanner on after the application is up and running.

Also I do not use Hosted solution so that's a whole other ball of cornflakes in and of itself potentially.

Here are all Help Articles mentioning DMS

Hey, I'm not knocking it. I'm just wondering when some of that gravy's gonna spill over on my taters.
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Level 2

Thank you - I'll dig through all of those articles and see if the answer is there!

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Level 15

Key is that scanner is TWAIN compliant. In DMS, try using the Help at the right of the top row. Put scanner in the search box and you will get several help articles. 

Is DMS installed locally or remotely? I am not familiar with that ball of cornflakes. 

Level 2

We're using Lacerte Hosted, so I assume that means the DMS is remote.  Our scanner is TWAIN compliant.  Thank you for your suggestion about finding more articles.  I appreciate your help!

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