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July 15th deadline 2020

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Is anyone updating the client letter to reflect a due date of July 15th this year

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Not me

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Yes, I am modifying the client letter to reflect the July 15 date. I hope this will minimize some of the clients calling in to verify the date.

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Level 2

Lacerte should be doing change for dates, we can't be expected to manually change every letter?

Level 3

You can change the due date for client letter purposes in the 5.1 input section.  However, if you e-file the return now, it will still do the automatic withdrawal on April 15 regardless of what the letter says unless the program is updated. 

Probably would be safest to just avoid doing automatic withdrawals because they are going to get us in trouble - guaranteed.

It is my understanding from talking with support that they are working with IRS to get that changed.  Don't know why IRS has to get involved.  Maybe they will eventually let us change the payment date on a return already e-filed.

I think it's perfectly reasonable to manually change every dadgum letter. 😁

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