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IRS not cashing checks for owed amounts

Level 2

Just a heads up everybody...my IRS trust tax payment that I remitted to Kansas City on 7/9/20 was finally cashed today (9/7/20)...almost 2 months later!!

Level 1

Hi all, my trust extension payments mailed on 7/15 were just cashed today.

Level 1

Hi, I sent my 2019 payment in on July 10th, and the IRS still hasnt cashed the check.  I just received a intent to seize (levy) notice.   How much longer should I wait before I do an online payment?  They are also charging me a late fee/interest, which is insane because I have the USPS tracking code, showing it was sent and received.

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Level 11

Unfortunately, the USPS tracking code shows only that you sent something to IRS, not that you sent a check.  Was this a payment sent with a tax return?  And now it is clear that they have the tax return, since you have received a collection notice?  Was it a 1040?  Did you mail it to an IRS Service Center, or to the lockbox address in the instructions?  At this point, pay the tax and ask in a letter that the penalty and interest be abated, giving your side of the story.  A copy of the Post Office receipt is helpful, but not conclusive.