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EF Transmission Error

Level 1

Receiving the "Exception occurred during EF batching client. Problem occurred executing EF submission. A task was canceled."

My attachment is only 1100 kb! 

I also tried deleing the EF and  'renaming' the attachment to a much shorter description as someone else suggested. Cleared EF, rebooted, etc etc etc. 

STILL NOT transmitting! I have much larger attachments for other clients to transmit, than this tiny thing!


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Level 1

I mentioned that I tried that.....it did not help.

I also did a hard install of the program. That didn't work


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Level 1

Just an FYI for anyone else with this issue......

Just got off the phone with Lacerte support.

They are aware of this issue, and are working on it. Apparently, have been working on it for all of March!

It is not necessarily related to the attachment..... at this point they have no other information.


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