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Pro Series Conversion Question

Level 2

I've converted from Pro Series.  Looking for a similar form from Pro Series which is called the Federal Information Worksheet.  For a 1040 client it is a summary of all key information about a taxpayer:

Name, SS, DOB, Address, marital status and so on.

This form could be printed on single page and has been used as a great quick reference tool.

What is the comparable form in Lacerte?

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Level 1

To access the Client and dependent information sheets as compared to ProSeries, follow these steps:

1. Access the Client file.

2. Go to the Print function at the top screen menu.

3.  A sub-menu will appear, 'Print Client Detail', choose Client information or Dependent information or both.

4. Click the OK button. All detail will be printed regarding the client information. 

Level 15

One other option is to look at the 2019 Organizer. This is printed from the 2018 program. Your conversion was likely to 2018 Lacerte. Spend some time reviewing and verifying the info for the 2018 return. This will help you get familiar with the program using screen numbers. Once you are confident the 2018 matches the return as filed, go to Screen 3 and REMOVE the check mark at the bottom of the 1st subsection (Converted client (proforma use only)). THEN do the organizer and the proforma to 2019. This will make sure the depreciation, carryovers, etc to 2019 are less likely to have inconsistencies. I think you will like the state integration. 

If you are REP, you can practice returns without any charge if the EIN/SSN is all 9's In each module there are practice returns. Restore from C:\LACERTE\YYTAX\DEMODATA\ where YY is 18 or 19 for now. 


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