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Printing on Schedule for 8283

Level 1

The FMV is not printing on form 8283 even though both the contribution amount and the FMV have been entered on the 8283 input.  These are contributions of less than $5,000 but more than $500.

I have searched but cannot find if there is something to do to make the FMV appear on the supporting schedule generated by the program.   Or is there a rule that does not require the FMV contribution by contribution??

If anyone knows the trick i would appreciate whatever you can tell me.

Thanks in advance.

Ron Winter, CPA





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Level 15

Very remote possibility & just a wild guess..... do you have the box checked to take the $ 300 above the line charitable?

(I wanna be a member of the pot stirring club too)
Level 1

no such luck.


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Level 15

Did you enter Contribution deduction (defaults to FMV)[O]?

If so, DON'T DO THAT! That little bit of text [O] means OVERRIDE and generally speaking DON'T DO THAT! 

Enter Cost, Enter FMV and let the program do it's thing. 

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