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Organizers In General

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Every year there are problems with the tax organizer.  I wait for updates ... and wait ... but nope, naughty, no.  This year is no different.  My clients expect their organizer the first week of December, and I deliver because they expect it.  Apparently Lacerte doesn't feel the same way.  Throughout tax season I'm put in an undesired position to explain why the organizer isn't correct.  This year is no different as it will be numbers are not justified correctly; therefore they are not in the correct fields/columns.   

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You are very correct, so why not change your clients expectations? My experience is that 1st week of December invites: (a) Loss way to early - the clients will lose them (b) Law Change way to early because you never know what legislation will get snuck in between printing and end of year (c) Nevermind ... I could go on, but I know that is not what you want. No user on this forum can provide what you want.

I will offer this, which you may have missed https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/lacerte-tax-news-updates/discussion/organizer-issues-under-i...


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I am boggled to why we cannot use rich text at the minimum to modify the questionnaires we send out as part of the organizers. It's the small, weird things they never seem to fix or update.

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You can still get that game https://shop.hasbro.com/en-us/product/boggle:7EB3363D-5056-9047-F5B7-DC51516DFE25
I know - I',m weird, but what else am I gonna do this time of year when I can't even print my organizers.